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We are 

Bridging collaborations

Generating new opportunities

Supporting Innovation Networks

for your Digital Business

 between S.Korea and The World 

A Bridge for Business Development to make Opportunities for the new Market

as part of Your Digital Innovation & Transformation.

Bridging gaps- Business Culture, Digital Ecosystems, Industry Structure 

We noticed that many of clients entering specific market from other countries were struggling to source service providers to help them launch, operate, and commercialize their digital business. We BXT Group help on it.

Go-To-Market Strategy

If you have zero about the market, then you will need overall GTM Strategy first for market entry including  market research, customer experience strategy, value proposition, Business process mapping & Pricing model.


You will have to define that which process, features, functions have to be localized as easy win.

We analyze your existing product with you and advise what features have to be localized first for specific market as a roadmap.

Business Development

It’s difficult to set up the team at the beginning in specific market locally for your business development.   

We help to find out local regulation, compliance and also building sales pipeline including local partnerships for your business


Each market has specific customer behavior, business process, policy & law which impact to the existing features. As a next step after localization to growth in the market, customization based on roadmap has to be defined and developed.

Abstract Futuristic Background

What we focus in Digital Space for Market Expansion

B2B SaaS Solution

Moving from legacy to Software-as-a-Service is the key action for cost reduction and increased flexibility.

Open Innovation

More inclusive approach by actively seeking external inputs and partnerships compared to traditional R&D.

Learning Programs

Learning markets, culture including business, and industry structure is important for your market expansion.

AI Solution

AI is being used in a wide variety of industries today and it's a mandatory technology we have to get. 

Scale Startups

Startups scale in order to reach a larger market, increase profitability, establish dominance in the market.


Startups better find the business partner with a similar value locally in order to enter the market at the beginning.

We help your digital Business, Product and Technology for market expansion to growth - from zero to launch and operate locally.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Countries of Experience


Years of Experience


Independent Consultant


Partnership World Wide


Domain Knowledge

Our Markets Now

South Korea


Middle East


Are You Ready to Expand Your Digital into other Markets?

We are helping several different industries for Digital Business regardless of the volume of the business -  Startups, SMEs, Big names.

Enter the Market smoothly with us. 

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