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We are
Providing Digital Services
From Solution to Innovation and Transformation
Helping Startups for
Global Expansion and promote tangible Opportunities

Digital Services Globally,
Inbound and Outbound Market Expansion
 between S.Korea and The World 

Digital Innovation Strategy

It helps companies of all sizes and industries make processes across the enterprise more efficient, serve new customer needs, improve the customer experience, and, in turn, increase profitability and future viability. Well-executed digital innovation strategies have a lasting impact on the entire organization, processes, workflow and culture.

Product Localization Strategy

An effective localization strategy will help your product to reach a wider audience in new target markets. This is important because the larger (and more varied) your customer base, the greater number of sales you can expect. We start from conducting market research, help to build your localization team to work on your product management including pilot test.

Sales Pipeline for New Market

In new markets, especially in different countries, local partners on the ground can be invaluable. We as a local partner can provide insights and access to their networks, and help you build trust with potential customers. We as a partner already have a tech buyer network in S.Korea and a few regions ready to listen to recommendations.

Solutions as a Package

Packaged offerings in a new market make it easier for buyers to choose an effective combination of products and services at once. It can provide additional alternatives for customer choice, potentially at a discount, becoming a way to increase demand. We can help with simple calculations for cost and margin for the new market based on our research.   

Market Entry Workshop

We facilitate workshops that will help you choose the right market entry strategy for your industry and needs, analyze market entry opportunities, and create a new international business plan. We help you to play to your strengths better than ever and establish the best possible strategy for your short-term and long-term future for the new market.

Startup Technology Evaluation

Startups face many challenges when it comes to technology evaluation. The most important challenge is that startups have a very different technology need than established businesses. We outline the key factors for startup technology evaluation, especially digital/IT perspective and provide tips on how to identify new opportunities between corporate & SMEs.

Startup Upskilling for Global Expansion

We help startups, small businesses with the process of helping entrepreneurs and even professionals, grow and stabilize their business by expanding their knowledge and skills for market expansion globally between S.Korea and other countries. Our coaching programs will guide and make sure to scale up by learning other cultures & experiences.

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Market Expansion of Digital Business is NOT just about touching IT systems with locals

We start from understanding your business in a specific market to define Go-To-Market strategy as a business roadmap, build & integrate by looking at your entire ecosystems, and operation at the same time to continue enhancement.

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