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Digital Bridge for Market Entry

Our Advise

Cloud Services

You may already set infrastructure for your digital platform in your domestic market but when you expand to other markets, you will need middle zone for local market to connect. We advise how to set up cloud services to locally. 

Middleware Installation

Are you trying to make your system connect with another market for your core IT environment? We advise hot wo install the Middleware by integration with your API to make sure all data is safe and worthy for your market analysis and growth.

Blockchain Services

A lot of industries are now embedding blockchain technology into their environment, especially retail industry to make sure all data is safe, transparent and trackable easily for their business & customers. We advise from strategic to delivery level.

Digital Payment

Digital payment is now generally used but when you expand the market, you have to look at compliance, regulations, law & policies of local market. And also, maybe there should be local service provider for payment gateway.

eCommerce Business

For eCommerce business, we have to look at two sides at the same time. One is how to find the sellers, how to engage local customers in terms of business development. Another one is your platform localization as an easy win at the beginning.

EPM integration for Supply Chain

We help to integrate EPM solution within your system for supply chain operation in retail industry to predict the amount of purchase, finance, and define operating strategy for other markets by managing & monitoring your data. 

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We help to Integrate With Local Ecosystem

Digital transformation is not just about touching IT systems. We start from understanding your business to define strategy as a business roadmap, build & integrate by looking at your entire ecosystems, and operation at the same time to continue enhancement.

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