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Our Mission

We build Bridges globally between S.Korea and The World,

We advice for your successful Digital Innovation & Transformation,

We create healthy Digital Business Ecosystem.

Our Story

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BXT Group Founder - Jonghun Park

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We started to provide digital services in South Korea to clients for their business transformation after a long career journey around 10 years in several different countries - Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia, United States, and Germany.

We helped a few global clients for their localization and customization of the platform for Korea market and found that there are huge gaps between countries such as understanding of business culture, industry structure, compliance  and ecosystems locally, not just about the languages. 

Our vision is building more and more bridges globally for inbound/outbound of business to expand and grow together. Currently we focus on the digital space but we are expanding other industries for the near future. 

We have 20+ independent consultants who experience the global market and various roles including project management, program management, Solution Architect, API/SDK Engineers, Full-stack Engineers, Cloud management, Data Analyst, Digital contents marketing, etc.

We are very confident to help your Digital Business, Customer Experience, and Technologies for market expansion, digital transformation to grow with our strong leadership & innovative open mindset. 

Always very much happy to have a chat with you and keen to learn your business. 

Let's move forward together for our near future.

Abstract Futuristic Background

Experienced Leadership

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